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last updated at 2001-07-31 23:17
DanC_swws: the basis of my comparison
DanC_swws: some background folks might be interested in before Engelbart's talk tonight at 8:30p. SWWS program
DanC_swws: thoughts on Context and referential transparency
DanC_swws: I hope to follow up with PatH on this stuff.
DanC_swws: esp in the context of calsched stuff... e.g. looking at invitations ala cyc Proposals
danbri-SWWS: Interesting, in that notion of factoring out this part of the spec might work well for us if we want it as an alternate rdf syntax...
danbri-SWWS: see my xml graph notes and xml-dist-app followup
danbri-SWWS: Pictures from SWWS: Topic Maps session
Aaron-SWWS: libby has photos too
Idle Geek Idea - IRC channel for talking in RDF
GabeW: Just to hone your N3 or SemEnglish skills
GabeW: #n3 or #semenglish anyone?
GabeW: Wow, the stupid things I think of..
Seth: and automatically hyperlinked to the URI references
Seth: when you say Semenglish you get the hyperlink right there in the sem web wiki :)
Seth: You would not need to explude plain english becuase you could assume that the first {} transits to Semenglish.
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