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last updated at 2001-07-30 23:57
Aaron-SWWS: k42 knowledge management software
Aaron-SWWS: get a free evaluation version, or free copy for non-profits
JimH-SWWS: ITTALKS project
sbp: cf. PDF at SWWS homepage
JimH-SWWS: Slide 20 shows interesting view of agents on semantic web
danjay: FaCT (Fast Classification of Terminologies) is a Description Logic classifier
danjay: Lisp based (has CORBA inteface), GNU
sbp: Includes links to the papers in PDF
JimH-SWWS: Bob Balzer project links DAML to Powerpoint
JimH-SWWS: would be interesting to see if any of his work could be coupled with a better (open) format slide producer
JimH-SWWS: presented at SWWS as well
wmf: Imagine
danja: a server for the freenet network protocol which allows <br>anyone to freely publish or view information of all kinds
AaronSw: Featuring Wesley Felter, David McCusker, and other notables
danja: if nothing more, a cool title ;-)
wmf: a sci-fi exploration of ubiquitous digital rights management
Aaron-SWWS: we don't have a rule engine...
Aaron-SWWS: oops - ignore that above
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