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last updated at 2001-07-25 23:50
dajobe: also points to this very forum and chump
danbri: O'Reilly writeup of Ant, the Java 'make' / build tool
danbri: See the Ant website, part of Apache's Jakarta project, whose goal is to is to "provide commercial-quality (Java, OpenSource) server solutions".
danbri: Nearby in the Web: Apache XML Project, including Axis / SOAP implementation.
DanC_: SemanticWebMake and SemanticWebCron are in my SemanticWebSomedayPile
DanC_: noodling... idea is that an agent harvests dependency info: X depends on Y and is built from Z... notices that Y is newer than X, fetches Z and writes the content to X.
DanC_: e.g. take X=w3c's home.rss, Y=w3c's homepage, and Z=the big long URI for generating home.rss from our online XSLT service.
AaronSw: It has <RDF:RDF> at the top, but the relation to RDF ends there.
AaronSw: An interesting "blast from the past"
danbri: See also my 1998 notes on the Netscape data format.
danbri: Shouldn't beat them up for being early adopters; pity they didn't keep up the momentum though.
danbri: (my notes are now also out of date, using the old rdf namespace uri)
dajobe: this is great fun
AaronSw: As explained by Sandro
AaronSw: TimBL had the same idea
AaronSw: Basic structure is [[[list1 c] b] a] for the list (a b c)
danbri: I've just checked in the C and Perl stuff into CVS.
danbri: Where this goes next depends on where the rdfdb users want it to go. See also the old rdfdb pages on Guha's site, which I'm moving over.
danbri: Guha handed me the SourceForge account; I'm open to suggestions.
danbri: Integration with Redland might be worth talking about, for example. Or converging the query language with other Squish variants.
danbri: John Sowa on Semantic Networks
danbri: A draft of a forthcoming Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science article.
DanC_: Sowa is a madman! He's totally nutso about the history of this stuff. What fun to read!
AaronSw: He has great examples too! {:Farmer :owns :Donkey } log:implies {:Farmer :beats :Donkey } .
dajobe: by John Sowa
dajobe: haven't listened to this yet - might be scary!
danbri: FOIS-2001, October 17-19, 2001, Ogunquit, Maine
JHendler: Pat Hayes giving a keynote titled "The Emperor's Old Clothes: Why Philosophy is Irrelevant to Ontology"
danbri: More on Ogunquit.
n-ary functions, predicates
DanC_: I suggest they be done with currying.
DanC_: recall # (sqrt x) --inN3--> [ is :sqrt of :x ].
DanC_: # the consider(difference a b)
DanC_: # gets curred, i.e. ((difference a) b)
DanC_: # then, as above, so..
DanC_: # [ is [ is :difference of :a ] of :b].
DanC_: # Works for predicates too...
DanC_: # (uncle child parent brother-of-parent) gets curried as
DanC_: # ((uncle child) parent brother-of-parent)
DanC_: # :parent [ is :uncle of :child] :brother-of-parent.
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