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last updated at 2001-07-20 22:04
dajobe: preview - still hacking on it
dajobe: I'm not sure quite where I am heading grammar-wise; infoset terms seem like a good idea and the grammar getting smaller is encouraging
AaronSw: I'm not sure what a virtual librarian is, but the conference includes """Navigating the Net,
AaronSw: filled with experts over 3 days and a special emphasis on virtual reference"""
DanC_tst: a sort of challenge question to the RDF implementor community by danbri et. al. Jan 2001
DanC_tst: solved by DanC et. al. today: smush-examples.rdf is the data with some XML WF bugs fixed. smush-schema.n3 encodes the uniqueness constraints and the query.
DanC_tst: command line: python2 ../ --rdf smush-examples.rdf --n3 smush-schema.n3 sameThing.n3 --think --apply=forgetDups.n3
DanC_tst: --purge
DanC_tst: query is now split out as smush-query.n3
AaronSw: "ANNOTEA is an open-source initiative sponsored by the non-profit World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the closest thing the Internet has to a governing body." Hmmm.
AaronSw: Uses Annotea as a starting point to talk about all sorts of Semantic Web stuff (RDF, Metadata, Web of Trust ...)
Note on Mozilla impl. of containers
dajobe: [[All RDF containers (Bag, Seq, and Alt) have the same internal representation. This representation is a numbered list. The container type is a hint to the user about whether the order of elements in the list means anything]]
dajobe: (from newsgroup article)
dajobe: it is more true now that container type is a hint, since RDF Core have hacked out the special grammar parts for containers; they are just nodes with types like any other
AaronSw: Google Groups Archive of post
sbp: By William Loughborough
sbp: From 70,000ft. Really good
AaronSw: By Sean Palmer
sbp: Sean B. Palmer
AaronSw: Tools to find inconsistencies, make deductions, and rules to implement DAML and RDF Schema properties
sbp: Mainly in Notation3 (i.e. convertable to XML RDF), with a bonus Prolog file
em: Wilbur is Nokia Research Center's toolkit for RDF and DAML (and XML),
em: Wilbur is written in part by Ora Lassila, Nokia, editor of the RDF M&S recommendation
DanCon: sameThing.n3 -- whee! cwm can merge nodes
DanCon: see also forgetDups.n3
DanCon: for command-line recipe, see
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