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last updated at 2001-07-11 21:05
danbri-mit: Initially this is a brainstorm list of points of connection between RDF and XML, RDF Schema and XML Schema.
danbri-mit: I hope (but don't guarantee) to update it further, so that an RDF FAQ entry could point to it usefully.
danbri-mit: Right now, it isn't a useful document.
danbri-mit: Suggestions welcome.
AaronSw: Breathless marketing fluff on a browser/programming language/database for the Web
AaronSw: From an initial glance it looks like a Semantic Web programming language...
AaronSw: It also appears to use natural language
AaronSw: RDF Gateway is a semantic query service for distributed data that is based on RDF. Its query service uses RDFQL, a simple, SQL-style language with inference extensions, to perform complex deductive queries. Queries can be executed over a wide range of dynamic data by connecting to one or more Data Services. Data Services expose structured data as a collection of RDF statements. This release currently contains Data Services for File Systems, Mem
AaronSw: Their RDFQL query language is used in a calendar demo
libby: I think the idea is that the database is intelligent but you can ask it simple questions
libby: the calendar demo is pretty cool (and fast)
libby: the query language is somewhat squish-like (because we both based it on Guha's RDFdb QL, I think)
AaronSw: What seems especially interesting is that you can load rules into the db itself
DanC_lap: by Libby
libby: days 2 and 3 to follow
dajobe: from the DAML+OIL Joint Committee
dajobe: changes include [[subclass- and subproperty-hierarchy should be allowed to contain cycles,]]
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