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last updated at 2001-07-10 21:57
DanC_lap: palmagent -- a Semantic Web Service for Palm Pilots
DanC_lap: v1.15 has an initial stab at addressbook export
DanC_lap: TODO: specialize the phone1..phoneN fields per device.
AaronSw: It'd be nice if some W3T folks could update this
AaronSw: Just noticed it in the recent domain shuffle
dajobe: by Uche Ogbuji
dajobe: subtitle - How RDF could help web services standards
dajobe: another version of SmartCode "next-generation metadata framework" using Java, XML and RDF
jonb: this RDF extension language is defined as a RELAXNG-like language
jonb: credits to pat hayes for the original EBNF
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