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last updated at 2001-07-09 22:36
jonb: A RELAXNG-like description of the proposed RDF abstract syntax
sbp: CTL Notation3 Thing
sbp: By Dave, Jon, and Pat
sbp: Different, I'll give them that
sbp: Yep, that's "Drew", not "Dave"
DanC: SWWS Workshop Travel Plans
DanC: results so far: itin2check.n3 shows that the 2nd proposed itinerary conflicts with constraints agreed between myself and my wife.
DanC: mci-sjc-req.n3 is a transcription of my travel request. (I cheated and stuck the wife-constraints in there too, for now.)
DanC: TODO: transcribe schedules of SWWS event, RDF Core event; write the "you can't be at two places at the same time" rule.
dajobe: s/Dave/Drew McDermit/
dajobe: s/McDermit/McDermott/
dajobe: oops, see E:
AaronSw: by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
AaronSw: Also check out the xmlvl site -- it's an implementation of a community forum entirely in XML, built on trust metrics for security
danbri: One of the projects nikkiR is working on
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