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last updated at 2001-07-02 21:53
DanC: W3C Tech Reports Index (in RDF/xml)
DanC: see Makefile for full details of how it's built.
DanC: esp $(PYTHON) $(CWM) --rdf tr.rdf trleg.rdf --filter=tr-merge.n3 --rdf >$@
DanC: now with RDF/n3 support
DanC: sorry, requires support for document.getSelection(), which is proprietary to Netscape, I think.
AaronSw: this version.\n</pre>')] works on my browser (Mac/IE5)
DanC: I'm looking for a safer way to deal with procmail files; XML import/export would be ideal.
DanC: I've done the palmpilot<->XML bit, btw. (mostly)
DanC: from Tauber 30 Mar 1999
DanC: another by uche
dajobe: overview of poor open-source indexing choices
dajobe: misses out a potential goodie: Cheshire
AaronSw: Lucene looks pretty good
AaronSw: Although they don't cover it either
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