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last updated at 2001-05-24 22:28
dajobe: XML for knowledge management series, Uche Ogbuji
dajobe: See also part 2 and part 3
dajobe: nice quotes in part 2 [[ebXML still seems to ignore many facilities that are already available using RDF, XMI, and other XML-based metadata specifications.]] and [[I have always been quite impressed at how easy it is to set up such systems using RDF, and by the resulting performance]]
danbri2: Methods are: boolean HasAssertion(aSource, aProperty, aTarget, aTruthValue). This tests the datasource to see if it has the specified tuple.
danbri2: nsIRDFNode GetTarget(aSource, aProperty, aTruthValue).
danbri2: nsISimpleEnumerator GetTargets(aSource, aProperty, aTruthValue).
danbri2: nsIRDFResource GetSource(aProperty, aTarget, aTruthValue).
danbri2: nsISimpleEnumerator GetSoruces(aProperty, aTarget, aTruthValue).
danbri2: nsISimpleEnumerator ArcLabelsIn(aTarget).
danbri2: nsISimpleEnumerator ArcLabelsOut(aSource).
danbri2: ...these are reflected into Javascript, C, Java via Mozilla's XP-COM system
danbri2: See the [XUL Template Primer|
danbri2: See the XUL Template Primer for info on the GUI-building mechanisms used with Mozilla's RDF API.
danbri2: The XUL Tutorial contains more details and examples, showing how to build a UI over RDF data / apis. The RDF datasources section in particular is useful.
danbri2: The Annozilla site also has browsable source code for a Mozilla RDF application, written mostly in Javascript.
danbri2: article by Joe Verzulli
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