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last updated at 2001-05-23 22:06
dajobe: loaded into a Redland triple store - 34096 statements
dajobe: redland triple-store queries it for me at approx. 20K statements/sec. but number statements is rather low so startup/shutdown probably dominates:-)
jonb: thanks to dajobe for posting such a large link
jonb: it GPF'd my IE5
dajobe: talk given by Dave Beckett, 21 May 2001, Vienna
dajobe: seemed to get a good response from the audience
DanC_: Prolog Tutorial
DanC_: I might have figured out cwm rules in regular FOPL; I'm trying to code it up.
DanC_: so far, I'm stuck in infinite loops.
DanC_: maybe possible worlds semantics is a way of explaining what cwm is doing.
DanC_: I'm trying to fit cwm rules into FOPC and losing.
DanC_: "In 1963 Kripke has developed the model theory for
DanC_: "(Hintikkian) possible worlds are maximal consistent classes of propositions"
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