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last updated at 2001-05-19 16:52
danbri_: "But the primary connections are not in the bits and bytes that encode the signs, but in the minds of the people who interpret them. The goal of various metadata proposals is to make those mental connections explicit by tagging the data with more signs. Those metalevel signs themselves have further interconnections, which can be tagged with metametalevel signs. But meaningless data cannot acquire meaning by being tagged with meaning
danbri_: from Ontology, Metadata and Semiotics by Sowa, which claims (implausibly) that "Many of the ontologies for web objects ignore physical objects, processes, people, and their intentions".
danbri_: Citeseer entry for "A formulation of the logic of sense and denotation"(1951), A Church
danbri_: Citeseer entry for "Sense and Reference" by Gottlob Frege
danbri_: A handy list of pointers (sadly not hypertext) to classic works in theories of reference
danbri_: "This book is a
danbri_: must-have for anybody interested in how our village became global."
danbri_: ...and a must have for semantic web historians.
DanC: RDF Syntax Hacking
DanC: today's development: an interpretation of aboutEach
dajobe: DC Element Set RDFS - Dave Beckett version
dajobe: darn where did the rdf schema go!
AaronSw: em tppk
AaronSw: err, took the minutes this time
AaronSw: And here are his (gasp!) non-HTML minutes.
AaronSw: ACTION: Klyne and Manola are summarizing www-rdf-logic's perspective for the WG
AaronSw: ACTION: ArtB to provide suggestion on where to put resolutions, etc. Eric Miller to get control of the errata doc
danbri_: Announcing this new XML powered model as a universal notation for self-describing e-texts, Hayes writes...
danbri_: [[<capletter>I</capletter><letter>t</letter><space> </space><letter>l</letter><double-letter>oo</double-letter><letter>k</ letter><letter>s</letter> like that. Its a really neat universal notation: you can describe it in itself! (The proof is too long to fit in this message, however.) ]]
danbri_: Jim Hendler, DARPA Program Manager for DAML was at the time of writing unavailable to comment on the impact of the Lexical-XML initiative for the DAML language. An OASIS Technical Committee is rumoured to be forming to standardise the Lex_ML core schema.
AaronSw: (from danbri) KR and DAML expert Pat Hayes today announced the Lexical_XML Initiative, a bold break with the dominant triple-based information models of the Pedantic Web.
AaronSw: Hayes writes "
AaronSw: <capletter>I</capletter><letter>t</letter><space> </space><letter>l</letter><double-letter>oo</double-letter><letter>k</ letter><letter>s</letter> like that. Its a really neat universal notation: you can describe it in itself! (The proof is too long to fit in this message, however.)
AaronSw: "
bwm-dan-dave: See also ancient MCF diagram as geeky logo / t-shirt fodder...
AaronSw: History note of the week
AaronSw: "Currently, links between nodes on the web are constructed by the author for the use of the reader, but they convey little information to the machine that would allow it to do automated indexing or searching, or to make inferences."
AaronSw: And something for when we're done with the Semantic Web:
AaronSw: "Tim Berners-Lee sees the future of the web as one in which the objects in the web represent objects in the real world such that a house-object might have an "owner" link to a person-object, such that changing that link to point to a different person-object has the effect of transferring legal ownership of the house between those persons. Obviously there are a range of security issues. But commerce on the web is coming, and other application
AaronSw: s of virtual reality will follow."
AaronSw: Len was very active in the W3C's WAI
sbp: Soon to revert back to "Evaluation And Repair Language"
danbri: RSSup is an ASP script that allows webmaster who already generate an RSS .91 feed for their site
danbri: to dynamically create an RSS 1.0 feed. Using the Microsoft XML parser (supplied with IE 5) on the
danbri: server side, you can now move to RSS 1.0 without having to worry about recoding your channel.
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