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last updated at 2001-05-16 21:54
DanC: attempts to address a requirement for unique names
DanC: and shows how to use rdfs:isDefinedBy to connect properties/classes to ontologies.
Candidate icons for the Semantic Web
edd: This is the metadata icon from WtW
edd: It's a reasonable start.
dajobe: for just RDF try my RDF icon. I just used letters rather than iconography :-(
AaronSw: XMLhack uses this interesting RDF logo
dajobe: Inspired by the Nodes and Arcs idea: RDF Icon Nodes and Arcs - still tinkering though
AaronSw: my personal favorite is the nicely polished
sbp: See also, the "normal sized" version of the RDFWeb logo... sans permission, etc.
DanC: Logical Systems
DanC: great materials on the edge of logics: paradoxes, non-standard logics, etc. Pretty easy to read.
DanC: Intuitionistic logic
DanC: cardinality, infinite sets, etc.
dajobe: Having the Right Connections: the LIMBER Project
dajobe: from Phil Cross
dajobe: LIMBER is Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources
dajobe: Phil Cross says "picture there is slightly different version of one in rdf-thes pointed to previously"
danbri: An object-oriented spreadsheet front-end
danbri: At ILRT we are currently debating what if anything we want to do under this call... Likely we'll seek some continuation of our involvement in, with a more 'semantic web services' slant.
danbri: Suggestions (and collaborators...) welcomed. --danbri
danbri: I posted this before, am talking with Phil now about extending this to encompass weightings that represent the frequency that terms are associated with concepts in some corpus.
danbri: Idea being that this would provide fodder for auto-classification services such as those developed in the DESIRE project.
dajobe: something I can understand and implement at last
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