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last updated at 2001-05-15 18:07
danbri: See XTM files for more context.
danbri: I was looking for tools to go the other way, from XTM into other representations...
AaronSw: Looking good, libby
AaronSw: Libby says they'll be ready Friday
DanC_: RDF Vocabulary Evolution
DanC_: just started; one test case works. see Makefile for details
DanC_: actually, one part is finished: rdfs-only.n3, a filter that shows which parts of an RDF knowledge base an RDFS-only agent can understand
DanC_: and rdfs.n3 works
DanC_: er... looking at the Makefile, I recall that actually, two test cases work
DanC_: HELP WANTED: pls find the www-rdf-logic messages that ask about sameClassAs and samePropertyAs, and issues from the RDF issues list that regard schema/vocabulary/namespace evolution.
AaronSw: Full papers due tomorrow, position papers due at the end of the month
AaronSw: Hmm, I guess that tomorrow is today for most of you.
In honor of Douglas Adams
AaronSw: "What I mean is that if you really want to understand something, the best way is to try and explain it to someone else. That forces you to sort it out in your own mind. And the more slow and dim-witted your pupil, the more you have to break things down into more and more simple ideas. And that's really the essence of programming. By the time you've sorted out a complicated idea into little steps even a stupid machine can deal with, you've ce
AaronSw: from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, page 19
AaronSw: by Douglas Adams, may he rest in peace
AaronSw: oops, rest of the quote: "rtainly learned something about it yourself."
AaronSw: Anyone who has written logic documents in RDF probably feels similarly. ;-)
AaronSw: From the same book as: "What we are concerned with here is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things." (FoRK cite)
AaronSw: DanC started a new-age cult with the phrase "We Believe in the Interconnectedness of All Things."
AaronSw: Hmm, I guess that tomorrow is today for most of you.
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