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last updated at 2001-05-14 19:00
DanC: Author Douglas Adams dies
DanC: `He said part of the internet's extraordinary power was the fact that it "evolved as an organic entity, a bottom-up design rather than being hierarchically controlled from above".'
DanC: obRDFref: he's ben in my biliography on representation and exchange of knowledge since Jan 1996.
DanC: another bit of interconnectedness: 42 and resources
jonb-gk: logical definitions for types, classes, URIs, fragments, entities
GabeW: RDF dictionary development effort for the "legal world"
GabeW: The effort is international and the language being used in the effort is English
DanC_: in one page.
Model noodling
DanC_: looking for the canonical literature citation to use for the model entry in my index of Web Architecture terms
DanC_: seems to be by Tarski...
DanC_: "... model theory itself does not seem
DanC_: ... to be devoid of ad hoc constructions." -- Proof Theory as an Alternative to Model Theory, Feb 1998
DanC_: The 50th anniversary of Gentzen's thesis
dajobe: I knew I had read it somewhere
danja: | JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework)
danja: latest snapshot can be used in combination with Protege KB editor and JESS (Java Expert System Shell)
AaronSw: by Aaron Swartz
AaronSw: RDF is in deep on this one
AaronSw: Roy Fielding: "There comes a point when I have to conclude that the W3C no longer understands the Web architecture."
AaronSw: source for above
AaronSw: RDF's definition of resource is different than the URI spec's
AaronSw: Break older RDF files or change web architecture?
jonb-gk: Interesting question: who defines the Web architecture? The W3C, the IETF or cimmon practice?
jonb-gk: s/cimmon/common
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