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last updated at 2001-05-08 22:31
DanC_: doesn't seem to work
danbri: On my pile of things to read later...
SethR: isA Class
SethR: semName "Identity"
SethR: uriName "http://intranet.../blah/foo"
SethR: seeAlso Identity
SethR: comment "I have defined 'http://intranet.../blah/foo' to mean something in the context of this document - like it or not!"
danbri: See also RDF issue rdfms-fragments and RFC2396.
SethR: an interesting debate indeed !
DanC_: I think we did come to agreement: danbri agreed that RFC2396 doesn't/needn't constrain higher-level specs quite so much, and DanC agreed that RFC2396 still sucks ;-)
AaronSw: Hmm, it does not seem clear to me that the RFC binds resources to fragment identifiers at all
AaronSw: IOW, it seems that http://.../foo#bar is bound to the same resource as http://.../foo#spam
dajobe: where NPR=US National Public Radio
IRC Chat Logger
dajobe: The logger bot listens to the chat channel and records it in public logs
dajobe: These are available at and are written live
dajobe: in three formats - RDF, plain text and HTML (created from RDF via XSLT)
dajobe: Logger accepts a few commands that can be done publically with "logger, COMMAND" or privately with "/msg logger COMMAND"
dajobe: The full list of commands can be found by the help command e.g. /msg logger help
dajobe: Logger can be told to stop listening/recording to the chat, if for some reason this is required.
dajobe: For individual messages this can be done by putting the phrase '[off]' at the start of a line of text
dajobe: and for longer conversations, tell logger to stop listening with: 'logger, off' and recording again with 'logger, on' (there are other words)
dajobe: The on/off messages are logger, as well as all public commands to logger.
dajobe: Logger also can perform searches over the logs using the 'find' or 'grep' command. It returns matches to the given perl regex in recent output, most recent first. See the help text for more details.
dajobe: The search results can be emailed to somebody by appending |MAIL-ADDRESS to the end of the search line (you must have a space before the |)
dajobe: Logger has some admin commands but these require the password :-)
dajobe: logger will attempt to reconnect when disconnected and if it dies, currently will be restarted automatically. It doesn't yet handle all network problems very gracefully.
AaronSw: Another thing to delete
AaronSw: recursive
AaronSw: ( I think this was an accident)
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