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last updated at 2001-05-05 08:18
DanC_hk: presented by Dave Beckett
DanC_hk: Peter Eklund presented some work with Wordnet
DanC_hk: you'll find papers about some tools, OIL, integrating services, ...
DanC_hk: a guy from NESSTAR just demonstrated web services based on RDF.
ArtB: Poor Man's SOAP?
edd: As presented today at WWW10
DanC_hk: my talk from yesterday
sbp: Complete with more of those neat SVG diagrams.. ah, accessible image formats
DanC_hk: all the parts of the talk
bijan: What DanC is talking a last minute sub!
bijan: Right now, so mind your manners.
DanC_hk: born 1 May 2001!
AaronSw: to combat misconceptions about the RDF QName->URI function
AaronSw: ... now watch the flames roll in...
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