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last updated at 2001-05-04 23:29
sbp: Which is not the XSD namespace as defined in the XSD specification
AaronSw: And doesn't need to be!
sbp: Well, then it's not XSD, unless you declare an equivalence
AaronSw: Sorry, I correct myself -- I do not believe that the schema spec defines an XSD namespace
AaronSw: It merely defines the base URI for the types
DanC_trav: Danny Ayers (Thu, May 03 2001)
DanC_trav: I was going to do something like this for my palm datebook schema, since it normalizes to two tables.
DanC_trav: I did some work on a larch formalism of Codd's paper back in Jan 1996
DanC_trav: the thingy from gadfly is an interesting source of practial, relevant stuff
DanC_trav: an interesting approach from SRI
DanC_trav: annotates WSDL of 15Mar2001 and WSDL latest version
GabeW: A first stab at a rdf class representing a legal representation
GabeW: "legal" in the court/law sense
On context and uniqueness
DanC_trav: this is a bookmark into the logs of when danbri and DanC were discussing context and uniqueness
DanC_trav: i.e. these notes
DanC_trav: in particular, it seems that presentIn (from p.23 of Guha's thesis) could be used as a hook.
GabeW: (might rather see note at
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