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last updated at 2001-05-01 23:11
DanC_hk: section 7.4 Functions vs Operators of "Specifying Concurrent Systems with TLA+" is enlightening... functions denote things in the domain of discourse; operators don't. Seems to shed light on the 1st-order vs. higher-order distinction.
SethR: see
SethR: This is Kewl! almost worth learning dutch
danja: logic calculators in Javascript
danja: instructions in Dutch
bijan: Wow. That's amazingly cool. For Javascript. Ok, period, but like all things Javascript...espeically cool leaves me a bit queasy :)
AaronSw: W3C SiRPAC assumes the document URI as the namespace
AaronSw: CARA returns a triple but leaves it as an unprefixed relative URI
AaronSw: SWI-Prolog does the same
AaronSw: Repat does the same
AaronSw: Rapier tosses it out
AaronSw: Brian, can we please make this an issue?
AaronSw: Online parsers found via Art Barstow's Homepage
DanC_trav: initial notes on WWW10 presentation
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