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last updated at 2011-03-28 23:27
danbri: Globish is a simplified English subset. I tweaked the 1st parag to pass the Globish vocab check tool. Wondering if W3C specs could work in something like this...
danbri: see also home page
danbri: As an example of the first (from the UMBEL documentation), suppose you wanted to describe Muhammad Ali. Using the FOAF ontology, you could only say that he is a foaf:Person. We know he is, more specifically, a boxer, but we can’t find a boxer ontology. UMBEL has the subject concept sc:Boxer, which comes from the OpenCyc ontology.
danbri: Using UMBEL, we can use both of these ontologies at once, thus employing the properties of foaf:Person (name, gender, birthday) as well as the class hierarchy above sc:Boxer (cyc:Person, cyc:SocialBeing, cyc:Athlete) to create a detailed representation of Muhammad Ali that relates to all other ontologies mapped into UMBEL.
danbri: So now you know!
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