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last updated at 2010-11-21 20:12
mischat: Referer headers are bad mkay ...
mischat: | Disabling Referer Headers in Firefox
mischat: if you have checked out you should :)
mischat: allowing Google, Facebook, and others to track you
mischat: | added in links to the FOI request and the Letter of complaint I am posting off to the NHS
dajobe: a GPL2 java 'triple store' if I summarise it. it is of course, more complex than that
danbri: for the Java-averse
webr3: ps: you can use it to map any js object to rdf.. tweet.ref().using(vocab) = tweet to rdf
mhausenblas: There are two HTTP bindings, queryHttpGet and queryHttpPost, both of which are described as bindings of the SparqlQuery interface.
mhausenblas: In each of these bindings, the two faults described in SparqlQuery interface, MalformedQuery and QueryRequestRefused, are bound to HTTP status codes 400 Bad Request and 500 Internal Server Error, respectively [HTTP].
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