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last updated at 2010-11-08 15:25
mhausenblas: note ;)
csarven: The geo URI doesn't acknowledge
DanC: the opacity axiom is: When you are not dereferencing, you should not look at the contents of the URI string to gain other information.
DanC: geo is consistent with this. You only look inside when you're dereferencing.
DanC: it's a locally dereferenceable URI scheme, a la data:
tobyink: While URIs are opaque in general, an authority issuing URIs can document transparent meanings for particular URI spaces they control. e.g. any URI matching ^http://ontologi\.es/rail/stations/gb/[A-Z]{3}$ identifies a railway station in Great Britain.
tobyink: "geo:" is more or less a special case of that, with the authority being the root-most authority (the scheme registering authority).
danbri: If you have more productive SPARQL query examples for linked geo data (dbpedia or elsewhere) please do share them soon on public-poiwg list!
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