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last updated at 2010-05-15 23:28
webr3: perhaps a slight glimmer of hope for cross browser client side JS apps working in the browser over a web of data
webr3: also REST related, see last sentence of here
webr3: general "to be confirmed" does RDF (not RDFa) class as REST friendly hypertext/hypermedia given the strong link relation semantics
webr3: seeAlso "Backward and Forward links in RDF just as important"
webr3: "One day, you may be interested in following the link one way, another day, or somene else, the other way."
webr3: I'm increasingly thinking that the combined context of the data in a graph and the context under which that graph is being queried, specifies or infers in which direction you want to be reading, and directionality can be determined with linked-data by dereferencing whichever uri you place on the left / in the subject position
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