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last updated at 2010-02-18 13:08
mhausenblas: how to refer from an HTML document to the non-information resource that it describes
mhausenblas: community review needed. thanks!
danbri: Otherwise looks cool. Lucene/Solr-based RDFishness
danbri: "SIREn extends Lucene with a new field type 'tuples'. The field accepts structured information in a special syntax called N-Tuples which is derived from the N-Triples syntax."
danbri: "The N-Tuples syntax is a superset of the N-Triples syntax. N-Tuples is a line-based, plain text format for encoding semi-structured data such as RDF graph or other data format."
danbri: "The content of field of type tuples is an ordered list of tuples, each tuple being an ordered list of cells."
danbri: Interesting - "...we can model a multi-valued predicate with a first cell representing the predicate and the following cells as values."
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