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last updated at 2010-01-29 21:52
thud: now in SVG
tobyink: HTML::HTML5::Microdata::Parser on CPAN
tobyink: If the input page uses a mixture of RDFa and Microdata, then the result will be b0rk'd.
tommorris: Note horrible tagsoup, not clean XHTML as promised. Am at a hack day, and cannot be bothered.
tommorris: CSV and JSON dumps of the dataset links on
tommorris: Useful while we are waiting for voiD data from
melvster: all 291 pages
kennyluck: maybe this has been posted here before...
kennyluck: a good story when these two companies are actually competing
Anchakor: I think foaf+ssl and whole semantic web community just found funding :)
kennyluck: I personally think having multiple namespaces in an RDF document is a good and fun thing.
kennyluck: Maybe we need a competition on how many namespaces one uses in his/her FOAF
kennyluck: timbl has 12 namespaces in his FOAF
kennyluck: Any better count?
kennyluck: drewp has 9
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