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last updated at 2010-01-27 19:28
danbri: I was sort of expecting it to use CSS History hack, and compare that with other users
DanC: SPARQL WG is looking at path syntax that isn't quite the same as N3's.
DanC: TimBL says "It would be a really bad idea not to use the same punctuation in SPARQL."
DanC: I wonder if he's reading too fast.
danbri: See downloads: "Here is the VB6 code, the output XML file, Alice's PKCS#8 encrypted private key (password: "password"), her corresponding X.509 certificate, and all these files collected in a zip file. "
danbri: "The plaintiff then gets to explain XML DTDs, and why their particular one should be accepted and the 17 the defendant is presenting shouldn't, to a 60-year-old judge with an arts degree and a jury of people whose VCRs blink 12:00. "
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