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last updated at 2010-01-15 14:00
danbri: I've added a link to RDFCore's issue list, which had a 'postponed for being from the future' section...
tobyink: Correct triple: <> <> "Caf\u00E9"@fr .
tobyink: Rapper says: <> <> "Caf"@fr .
dajobe: congrats on the most passive-aggresive way to not report a bug
tobyink: Outputs N-Triples given a URL to a document containing RDFa.
tobyink: Uses an HTML5 parser for documents served as "text/html", an XML parser otherwise.
tobyink: Simple vocab for describing software bugs, with mappings to EvoOnt.
Phurl: My branch of mapnik.. Work in progress
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