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last updated at 2010-01-07 21:14
danbri: Demo is Mozilla SVG/.js ... but not wired to multi-touch input yet... just evocative pics of people pointing at the table :)
danbri: PhoneGap - write HTML/.js to a shared API, generates apps for iphone, android, blackberry etc etc
danbri: ie. pretty much W3C widget platform, except PhoneGap doesn't unpack the .zip for you...
danbri: A desktop widget runner, based on Mozilla and W3C specs
danbri: Venice project era
danbri: Telly stuff
tobyink: Executive summary: The HTMLWG has reached a decision to remove Microdata from the HTML5 specification.
bengee: good bye native rdf-in-html :(
danbri: 'The Microformats community has shown that there is a demand for embedding machine reasonable metadata in HTML'
danbri: 'reasonable'? was that intended?
bengee: "This issue can be reopened [...] If Microdata gains significant market success with content authors, authoring tool developers and CMS developers"
PovAddict: see the bottom paragraph ;)
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