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last updated at 2009-12-29 20:34
danbri: I found rdflib sparql running slower than expected. Edd tried same thing in ARC and got no results.
MacTed: query looks OK, based on quick test on{%0D%0A+GRAPH+%3Fsrc1+{+%3Fgr1+foaf%3Amember+[+foaf%3Aopenid+%3Fx++}%0D%0A+GRAPH+%3Fsrc2+{+%3Fgr2+foaf%3Amember+[+foaf%3Aopenid+%3Fx+]+}%0D%0A+FILTER+%28+%3Fsrc1+!%3D+%3Fsrc2+%29%0D%0A+}&format=text%2Fhtml&debug=on&t
melvster1: The Maturing Semantic Web: Lessons in Web-Scale Knowledge Representation
melvster1: Very good presentation
MacTed: if only it were web-realized presentation... (PDF is not Semantic Web Friendly!)
danbri: But xmp is an important piece that brings the Semantic Web closer to realization...
MacTed: if only file metadata were what we meant when we talked about the metadata now going into RDFa encoding... XMP might be relevant
danbri: Testbed for experimenting with trust, syndication etc.
danbri: If you have a wordpress blog and use the openid plugin, it will expose a list of OpenIDs that you've accepted comments from.
danbri: Downstream consumers might use this, for example, to autofill Wiki permission groups (eg. 'if someone's openid is good enough for 3 people i work or coauthor with, ... they're trusted to edit my wiki').
mhausenblas: And what is your guess? :)
danbri: Perhaps something in the hype cycle vein?
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