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last updated at 2009-08-17 14:23
tobyink: Perl script that wraps around sdbquery to produce a quad store dump from a Jena SDB database.
tobyink: Outputs in N-Quads, TriG, N3, TriX or SPARQL JSON Result format.
tobyink: I'll get around to writing a quad import script soon. (Though the import function will probably only work for two or three of those formats.)
tobyink: usage: --sdb=[sdb conf file] --syntax=[syntax] [outfile]
mhausenblas: MobWrite converts forms and web applications into collaborative environments. Create a simple single-user system, add one line of JavaScript, and instantly get a collaborative system.
mhausenblas: we should review this and see what we can (re)use for RDForms ...
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