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last updated at 2009-04-21 17:22
dajobe: very bad idea
dajobe: very badly expressed
dajobe: trivial to find strings it cannot encode
dajobe: e.g "
dajobe: or @
dajobe: leaving aside the whole unicode range
dajobe: it doesn't even mention encoding
dajobe: summary: FAIL
tobyink: ... because asking people to tell you their WebID makes their eyes glaze over.
tobyink: Usage: $info = getFromLaconica('tobyink'); print $info['WebID'];
tobyink: Usage: $info = getFromWebsite(''); print $info['WebID'];
tobyink: Usage: $info = getFromFOAF(''); print $info['WebID'];
tobyink: Usage: $info = getFromFOAF(''); print $info['WebID']; # page written in RDFa
tobyink: Plan to add this to rather than require people to type in their WebID.
danja__: "Note-to-Self organiser"
danja__: (not exactly the "Outlook killer" as originally described - but probably better for that)
danja__: has anyone RDFized? Hooked into Nepomuk?
mhausenblas: very nice WWW09 tutorial I'm currently sitting in
mhausenblas: guess we in the linked data domain can learn a fair bit from these chaps
melvster: Ensure secure, identity-based, online interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks will become privacy protecting and more natively trustworthy environments
melvster: Seems to be an umbrella group for infoCard/OpenID/SAML/XDI
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