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last updated at 2009-03-08 23:20
Anchakor: "Computer scientist Stephen Wolfram feels that he has put together at least the initial version of a computer that actually answers factual questions"
Anchakor: =original article:
mhausenblas: this is awesome! spotted via kidehen
mhausenblas: and I thought we were ahead when we did ;)
mhausenblas: the first version of the straw man proposal for RDForms
mhausenblas: including the definition of RDForms, fields, C(R)UD operations and their binding to fields, examples, etc.
mhausenblas: comments are more then welcome; please add yourself to the contributors list after doing an (essential) edit ;)
mhausenblas: please put questions, issues, proposals, etc. in the section 5. Discussion (best with your name and date attached)
mhausenblas: next upcoming is the demo of the fusion engine that generates an RDForm on-the-fly, where RDForm = HTML Form decorated with key-value pair encoding of each field along with C(R)UD operation (bindings)
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