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last updated at 2009-03-04 23:40
melvster: FOAF+SSL login in PHP, only 2 lines of code needed
danbri: Nice!
LeeF: Please send suggestions to
LeeF: Deadline is Tues. Mar. 10!
tobyink: Request for an IN operator like SQL has.
bengee: interesting!
danja: "The SKUA project is a project, funded by JISC under the e-Infrastructure programme, to prototype a distributed network of semantically aware shared annotation services (in the form of RDF stores). This "semantic layer" will support a cluster of applications which will either directly support users in finding and recovering useful resources, or indirectly support them by supporting user-facing applications. Although the sys
danja: Peter Fox's slides (ppt)
mhausenblas: by Marko A. Rodriguez,
mhausenblas: very very very nice visualisation of the LOD cloud with size of nodes determined by PageRank centrality and node colors denoting structural communities (General, CS, Bio, Web2.0) via leading eigenvector
mhausenblas: a must-read for everyone who wants to dive into the LOD cloud and gather a deeper understanding of it ;)
mhausenblas: rdfs:seeAlso <> .
danbri_: Sorry this came so late, ... I've tried to keep it short and simple.
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