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last updated at 2009-02-24 22:06
CaptSolo: PyDoctor - Python API documentation tool
CaptSolo: also: IdenticaSiocData wiki page
tobyink: Perl script to convert XMLTV files to XHTML. Includes RDFa in the output, so easy to get RDF triples
shellac: Aligning vocab with KDE
shellac: When tracker stop eating my CPU it sounds like it could be useful and server upgrade
dajobe: Let me know of any problems
karlcow: "The World Wide Web is a beautiful piece of social software."
karlcow: "Move a service to HTTP, and it becomes a team player in our ecosystem. Let’s revolutionize the last of our dinosaur protocols and move on."
karlcow: "email messages would have URLs, and mailboxes would have Atom feeds."
karlcow: "gateway service like the one I implemented, it makes reading mailboxes from web scripts that much easier and accessible."
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