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last updated at 2009-02-14 19:30
Shepard: Link relationship for telling Google what the "canonical" URL for a page is
Shepard: I wonder how that affects / can be used in Linked Data deployments. Should the pages link to the resource URI to make that appear in search results? In that case Google would turn into your dataset search.
MacTed: I think a page's canonical URI is its URL (representation is implicit in GOOG's spider GETs). that page may contain one or more resource URIs -- which Google does cache and index, when they're in RDFa/XHTML ...
MacTed: so Google can be used by other tools (e.g., a delegated step) to assist in data searches, but until GOOG actually allows SPARQL-like arguments about search "term", I don't think it becomes a full-fledged data search tool.
Shepard: This is a joint initiative by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo btw.
hg_: That is interesting, in particular because they allow the pages to have different content - so I can use it to deprecate URIs. But I can only do it for my own URIs, as they don't allow me to say that a dbpedia URI is the canon for my URI - a bit of a shame I think.
mhausenblas: lot of useful terms, discussion, etc.
mhausenblas: is this useful? hm. anyway, comments welcome, as usual ;)
mhausenblas: anyone seen this before? totally new to mhausenblas. hm, how could this slip through?
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