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last updated at 2009-02-09 23:51
Shepard: How semantics in Web sites can help prevent data loss
Shepard: "When APIs go dark, how do you do a data backup? (Answer: you often can’t.) With public, microformatted content, there will likely be a public archive that can be used to reconstitute at least portions of the service. With dynamic APIs and proprietary data formats, all bets are off."
Shepard: "And with emerging technologies like YQL, people can now build arbitrary mashups from the HTML on your homepage, without even having to know about your custom API."
Shepard: via Simon Willison
Shepard: (All nice except it seems to me they need to get convinced of RDFa or RDF in general ;-) )
tommorris: It's taking two space-separated values and concatenates them - so you end up with French regions with ~12,454,571,239,138 people living there
tommorris: I solved this by putting an extra filter to select only those with <20m residents, based on Wikipedia's HTML version saying that Shanghai is the most populated city in the world with ~16m residents
tommorris: is my finished version
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