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last updated at 2009-02-08 17:49
mhausenblas: TAG Finding 07 February 2009
mhausenblas: The TAG is the W3C Technical Architecture Group, sort of Council of Elders, see also
mhausenblas: From section '5.1 Using RDFa To Produce Self-describing HTML' ... Good practice: To integrate HTML information into the self-describing Semantic Web, use RDFa.
kennyluck: (a short warning for the picture at the bottom) the content type of N3 should be text/n3
mhausenblas: Michael is wondering where Tom Ilube has 'some 23 billion data relationships have been coded since 2000 (more than half of them in the past year alone) ' from?
mhausenblas: and maybe someone can explain me wtf a data relationship is
tobyink: SPARQL Update (SPARUL) wrapper for RDF::Redland in Perl
tobyink: I'd like feedback please!
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