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last updated at 2009-02-01 16:52
phurl: uses subclass relationships, could be better
phurl: code to produce
phurl: PURL:
Shepard: How RDFa can help prevent illegal use of content
Shepard: "The primary driver for "protection against piracy" is the crowding out of content that is illegally used by content that wants to be used."
KjetilK: A braindump status draft of a RDFa Template language
KjetilK: The basic idea is to use the RDFa encoded graph as input to a SPARQL WHERE clause
KjetilK: in addition to use it as input to a random Controller that may do what it wants with it
KjetilK: The design goal is to require as little additions as possible to existing XML, RDF and RDFa technologies
KjetilK: Currently, just RDFa graph naming is needed
KjetilK: The RDFa graph naming allready has a spec and an implementation by tobyink
tobyink: Tal4rdf is similar, but RDFa templates looks easier to use, and offers better integration with SPARQL.
mhausenblas: a proposal to add (multiple) named graphs to RDFa (by Toby Inkster and Kjetil Kjernsmo)
tobyink: Idea emerged from intial discussions of RDFa Templates.
mhausenblas: comments welcome, please send to
mhausenblas: note that this a DRAFT only ... shall be discussed in the next couple of weeks
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