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last updated at 2008-07-25 16:47
kidehen: Looking at Steve Jobs via Crunchbase, DBpedia, and Wikicompany meshup
kidehen: Meshups are becoming clearer (I hope)
kidehen: Linked Data is very powerful when done right :-)
kidehen: Note: you need to follow "Person" entity to see DBpedia linkage. Crunchbase APIs doesn't use namespaces so "Firm" isn't easy to discern formally. That said, we can hard code some meaning and leverage inferencing over Yago Class now loaded into DBpedia. This will be even better once we have UMBEL incorporated into DBpedia etc..
kidehen: Crunchbase Linked Data Space
kidehen: RDFization starts at from the (X)HTML page in Crunchbase domain
kidehen: Inspired by Bengee's initial pass at the RDFization
tommorris: Now with N3 support! Patrick Sinclair sent me an awesome patch this morning with an N3 parser and tests.
tommorris: It would be quite useful if some Turtle/N3 people could have a gander and suggest improvements and/or provide code and tests.
tommorris: Rena currently has 91.7% test coverage. If you've got some time, it'd be great if someone could top that up to 100%
tommorris: At the Rena project, we are officially Test Infected.
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