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last updated at 2008-07-17 20:40
danbri: Javascript vizualisation tools. Download the .zip to see examples.
danbri: It seems to do graph layout quite nicely, for modest size graphs; but no labels on edges, directedness, nor node labels.
danbri: Still I reckon this could be hacked to give a show-as-you-type authoring environment for RDFa creation
danbri: On the thinking that people like to copy-and-tweak, but are unsure when there tweaks cause breakage. So a split pane with a nodes/arcs view might help there.
kidehen: There will be an update later on today
kidehen: This new release includes decoupling that enables use a variety of HTTP Proxy Services and Renders
kidehen: so you could use Triplr for RDFization and Zitgist, OpenLink, Marbles, Tabulator, DISCO for visualization etc..
kidehen: or OpenLink Cartridges for RDFization and any of the aforementioned renderers for viewing
kidehen: most important point: all of these RDF user agent components are being hooked into the "View | Linked Data Source" main and context menu option of Firefox
kidehen: Other browsers will follow
kidehen: As newer cartridges are released (on the server) on the sever the context fidelity of the linked data graphs will evolve accordingly
kidehen: fewer literals and more URI as part of the effort to describe what an (X)HTML information resource URI is about etc..
kidehen: examples include: They Work For You, Govt Track, Musicbrainz, XBRL, and OpenLink Software information resource URIs
kidehen: Presentation to be given at ISMB 2008 <> next week
kidehen: of course, another Linked Data in action use case
kidehen: and case study
kidehen: Virtuoso 5.0.7 (Open Source Edition) has just been released, officially.
kidehen: highlights: Native Graph Model Storage providers for Jena and Sesame (Redland to come in the next few days)
MacTed: "enjayhch says ``it is just MusicBrainz data at the moment but will add some BBCness some time in the future...''"
Wikier: version 2.0 is now available
Wikier: with many improvements and a new approach
yvesr: uses the double metaphone algorithm, wrapped into a builtin RDF predicate
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