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last updated at 2008-07-15 19:50
kendallgclark: 2nd release of Pronto, a probabilistic reasoner for OWL -- implemented as an extension of Pellet
kendallgclark: Handles P-SHOIQ(D), which is basically OWL DL plus probability constraints
kendallgclark: The new release has much better performance
kendallgclark: Pellint is an ontology lint performance tool for Pellet. Will report and (optionally) repair likely reasoning performance problems in OWL ontologies, relative to Pellet.
kendallgclark: Pretty easy to extend, either for other reasoners or to detect other lints we don't detect.
kendallgclark: We'll be extending it to handle OWL2 syntax checking (to detect different OWL2 profiles) in the next release
kendallgclark: I forgot to mention: you can try Pellint on an OWL ontology easily by using the form on the Pellint page
tommorris: If you've been trying out the Rena parsing library in Ruby, please, please post up bug reports and feature requests here.
tommorris: Add the tag swig to your links and they appear here, with all sorts of nifty taggy cleverness.
tommorris: Candidates include using the class element, but this blog post suggests maybe using the lang attribute to mark something as machine readable
tommorris: Seems like an ideal case of where speech stylesheets should be able to define certain parts of the document as not being for readout (specifically @title attributes on elements that are marked with the relevant microformats classes).
tommorris: Thinking out loud: perhaps one could do this in a strange semantic way by actually marking up a profile document, so that a user agent would have the ability to look at a profile and say "Ah, I get it, these things are hCalendars, so I'll ignore date-times and other machine-readable metadata". Alas, this would require a high degree of co-operation from the vendors of the specialist user agents.
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