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last updated at 2008-07-12 22:44
tommorris: Full book-length answer to "what open source licence should I use?" - chapter-by-chapter PDFs for free download.
tommorris: It'd be cool if somebody like the Free Software Foundation or EFF would provide an IRC chat room where we could get simple, straight-forward answers to this kind of productivity-killing stuff.
dajobe: I read this, it didn't help
dajobe: 2004 - so predates GPL3 and lots of alignment around GPL (sun java, others). Also Rosen had proposed his own new licenses (wrong!) with US centric-approch (wrong x2). IMHO
dajobe: that's the OSL and I quote incompatible with the DFSG so not much use to debian/ubuntu or derivatives
dajobe: also incompatible with GPL (says FSF)
tommorris: Open sourced the XSLT used for the Twitter API-to-RDF/XML transformation.
tommorris: Currently not very useful, although it has the basics of RDF/XML parsing
tommorris: Patches appreciated. ;)
earle: "This is one of several semantic repositories that contains and publishes RDF data, forming the underlying distributed storage model behind the RKB Explorer initiative."
earle: "The dataset provided here represents topological information prescribing the administrative areas within Great Britain."
earle: "It is created and managed by the GeoSemantics research group at the Ordnance Survey, and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales license."
earle: ="Number of triples: 161090"
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