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last updated at 2008-07-08 21:23
Shepard: SecondLife competitor, though apparently integrated into the Web
Shepard: Some press coverage: and
earle: code hosting RDF for a project
earle: unfortunately most of the properties they use don't have schema to back them up and are largely duplications of DOAP
danbri: I voted 'C'; vote by interested parties.
danbri: Supporters of goals are apparently all invited to participate in this vote via the email group...
danbri: Anyone tried it?
danbri: Try it with:
danbri: svn checkout ruby-rdfa-read-only
danbri: ruby -I lib/ -r rdfa test/test_1.rb
danbri: Hmm it might need some update:
danbri: # Warning: invalid curie value: foaf:openid (when run on
danbri: Ok I've written to the author Benjamin Yu...
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