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last updated at 2007-09-01 23:41
timbl_: Aug 28th 2007 From
timbl_: "the semantic web aims to provide computers with the means to extract useful information from data accessible on the internet, be it on web pages, in calendars or inside spreadsheets." mentions RDF, OWL nd SPARQL.
timbl_: "[Gregg Brockway's] intention is that people should be able to dump all of their travel details ... into a central repository .... The software will group the data appropriately and annotate the result with weather forecasts, driving directions, restaurant recommendations and even the travel plans of friends and family. " Sounds like DanC's travel tools except with a central repository
yvesr: A small tool to link your personal music collection to dereferencable URIs
kidehen: Linked Data Page for Cyc Concept #Dog
timbl_: The class of Open Linked Data projects
timbl_: An RDF representation of the HTML wiki page
timbl_: An RDF wiki: contributions are encouraged
timbl_: Edit using Tabulator 's latest RDF-editing features
timbl_: Or any editor supporting SPARQL-update POST requests to the document to be modified
yard: bug tracking ontology
yard: anyone know if raptor can parse n3?
timbl_: An invalud N3 file
timbl_: Error: [Exception... "'Line 33 of <>: Bad syntax: Prefix skos not bound.
timbl_: Cwm says: at line 33 of <>: Bad syntax (Prefix "skos:" not bound) at ^ in: "...]; rdfs:comment "An issue in a bug database."@en; ^skos:editorialNote "Every bug tracking system creates subcla..."
yvesr: A small tool to link your personal music collection to dereferencable URIs
timbl_: test
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