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last updated at 2007-05-23 23:57
chimezie: OpenOffice slides used for ST '07 GRDDL Community of Practice Session
chimezie: Slides (in powerpoint). Open Office format also available here
chimezie: For STC '07 session
chimezie: Covers the architecture that SemanticDB is based on (an XML/RDF content repository for computerized patient medical records)
timbl: This was the hack to connect your music mp3s to the MBZ data
timbl: I wonder what is the MO property linking an mp3 file and the conceptual track it is a representation of.
yvesr: <MBZ track URI> mo:availableAs <>
yvesr: and your collection is aware of the outside world:-)
AndyS: """To avoid such correct but unhelpful inferences, it is sufficient to restrict rdfD2 to cases which replace a lexical form with the canonical form for the datatype in question,"""
danbri: See also rdfig post, from my tool-foraging days
sbp: Nice how someone presenting on the next five years of the web puts his slides up in PDF.
sbp: Oh, he means 2.1. Okay.
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