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last updated at 2007-05-22 23:45
timbl: "CondPattern is the condition pattern, i.e., a regular expression which is applied to the current instance of the TestString, i.e., TestString is evaluated and then matched against CondPattern"
hendler: Infoworld report on Semantic Technology conference in San Jose - says Sem Web may have turned the corner (their words)
hendler: claims more VCs and "suits" than previous confs
hendler: I heard a rumor they were gonna be close to 1000 folks, anyone have a count?
dajobe: which member of the panel did they not mention here. take a guess
timbl_: Old but relevant to eg SPARQL
timbl: Related: Float canon'n in XSD
timbl: Re the question "when are two RDF terms, triples,or graphs the same?
timbl: cwm canonicalizes datatypes and URIs as it is useful from the user's point of view and allows them to be implemented as Pyton's internal types.
DanC: I wonder if cwm canonicalizes dates.
timbl: No, I don't think so. Though it could as it has datetime builtins and outputs always in canonical form
timbl: Another major linked data source
timbl: E.g. Madonna is <>
iand: Gotta pay to get it, but i'll summarise when i see it
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