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last updated at 2006-12-09 21:56
sbp: Little python script that uses rdflib to convert RDFS and OWL schemata/ontologies into XHTML. Rather rudimentary, but rather handy. See the examples on the page.
sbp: As usual, Masahide completely kicks my ass though. There's a lot that could be done in this kind of area, even going into templating XHTML from RDF in general and so on.
chimezie_: Nice..
DanC: I offer a 125 point bounty for conversion to EARL
DanC: "by David Hammond, a 20-year-old web technology enthusiast from California who is currently juggling this site, his job, college, and other pet projects"
DanC: hmm... "XHTML is not used for reasons described in the Beware of XHTML article"
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