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last updated at 2006-10-19 18:14
danbri: RDF and SPARQL and suchlike.
chimezie: Long title.. Describes how RDFS can be expressed as a set of axiomatic (one-way) rules, prooves how such an implementation is reasonably computable, and provides a similar mapping for the subset of OWL where this is possible
chimezie: Refers to this subset as pD, which is equivalent to DLP.
danbri: "Vox users can comment on LiveJournal now, keeping their Vox identity."
danbri: Interesting todo list
DanC: here's hoping for time to play with this
danbri: I only heard about Vox in this businessweek article.
chimezie: PhD thesis of Robert B. Doorenbos
chimezie: Describes in detail several mechanisms (and benefits) of triple-based forms (think RDF) for production systems and the consequences on performance.
chimezie: I wonder if this was the original inspiration for how Pychinko implemented Alpha Nodes
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