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last updated at 2006-09-14 17:41
CaptSolo: a proposal to represent contents of sioc:Post(s) using AtomOWL
CaptSolo: need a property that would link the two (sioc:Post and aowl:Content)
CaptSolo: see
kjetilk_: Tries a practical approach to FOAF-based social networks for trust and whitelisting
CaptSolo: describes how to create a mirror of a weblog in RDF
CaptSolo: and then use it for TimeLines, etc.
CaptSolo: this allows to decouple data provides (weblog engines with their specific APIs) from consumers (who just issue SPARQL queries on data described in SIOC+FOAF+DC)
CaptSolo: contains links to examples of RDF generated by this SIOC plugin
CaptSolo: uses SIOC, FOAF and Dublin Core
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