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last updated at 2006-09-09 19:40
danbri: OK, this isn't very semwebby yet. At all. But I was goofing around with the dada engine and a toy grammar for language-learning flashcards.
danbri: Idea is just to auto-generate the kind of simple, repetitive English that language-learning courses use to exercise one's ability in a new language. Well in my case I don't know enough English grammar to have it generate reasonable English sentences, but you get the idea maybe.
danbri: See richard's announcement.
danbri: This is great stuff imho. It explains how to say "this is Persian but written in an Arabic script", which I wanted to know (a) for multilingual RDFS, and (b) for flashcards...
danbri: Also "Spanish as used in Latin America", "Chinese written with Simplified script", "French as used in Canada"...etc.
danbri: If SWAD-Europe was still running, we could be offering t-shirts in exchange for mapping that expressivity into more explicit RDF structures. Though maybe it's being done already; I think Jeremy Carroll mentioned something...
danbri: Nearby: IANA language subtag registry. Looks regex'able into Turtle syntax, nearly.
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