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last updated at 2006-09-05 15:36
dajobe: In addition to the SPARQL interface of previous versions, this release adds a "dereferencing interface" that allows HTML browsers and RDF browsers like Tabulator to navigate the content of existing non-RDF databases.
timbl: Sounds nice. Any running example servers to test on?
danja: "It's basically a clone of Engelbart's 1968 system named NLS/Augment"
danja: "What you see are the original hyperlinks brought onto the web, the ones that were invented first"
danja: Build with Dojo (Ajax/Javascript kit), "base file format" is OPML (give me strength...)
DanC: no fair... I can't justify preempting other obligations to look at this just now, but I can't not look either. ;-)
danja: view source - why oh why isn't this xhtml :-(
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